Instructional Design

Instructional Design
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At EDventure Learning, we create engaging lesson plans and instructional materials designed to help educators deliver high-quality instruction to maximize student learning.

We write for K-12, higher education, and corporate audiences. We can also provide quality differentiated instruction for populations with unique learning needs, including students with disabilities, gifted students, and ESL learners.

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Curriculum Design

The foundation of every good course is a set of clear, measurable instructional objectives. We will craft objectives for your course and help you build on those targeted learning outcomes by creating an expertly-designed syllabus, engaging lessons, aligned assessments, reading lists, and other resources to ensure that your course is cohesive and effective.

Lesson Plans

Our team of experienced teachers knows what works in the classroom. Let us help you craft highly engaging lesson plans that employ current best practices to maximize student achievement and are tailored to your instructional needs. We can create lessons specially adapted to your student population, class size, and technological capabilities.


Our instructional design team consists of teacher-writers who are experts at using instructional objectives as the basis for developing superior quality, well-aligned assessments to gauge student learning. Please visit our Assessment Creation page for more information on our standardized or customized assessment development services.

Study Guides

Study guides help to reinforce the most important content and provide students with the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in an independent or guided setting. Whether your students need to study for a test or need a resource to accompany a book, we can create study guides tailored to any age group and subject.

Instructional Aids

There are many tools a teacher can utilize in the classroom to help students achieve more. At EDventure Learning, we are committed to providing the best instructional tools available, designed by teachers for teachers. We can create worksheets, problem sets, flashcards, glossaries, visual aids, lecture slides, and more.

Mobile Device Apps

Coming soon! At EDventure Learning, we are currently developing platforms for Android and iOS that will allow us to take your multiple choice questions (or those we write for you!) for any subject or test and create a custom mobile app to allow students to practice their skills, receive feedback, and track their progress all on a mobile device.